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How to Clean Awnings Fabric

One of the most popular questions we get from our customers is how to clean their awning's fabric.  This fabric although sturdy and built to last can at times get a little dirty and need some proper maintenance to look it's best year-round.  Fort Lauderdale Awnings in particular are subject to the many sporadic rain events in South Florida that can leave them a little dirty. 

#1 Use an ordinary household broom to clean the underside of the awning

The first part of the awning that you're going to want to clean is the underside.  This area of the awning although not directly exposed to the elements, can eventually begin to get dirty and need some cleaning.  Typically this area is affected by insects, cobwebs, and dirt run-off from ceilings.  The best way to clean the underside of the awning is by simply taking a household broom and gently brush the affected area.  Once fully brushed and cleaned with a broom you can then take a hose and very gently rinse out the area to ensure it's been thoroughly cleaned.

#2 Use a mild soap solution to clean the awning fabric - avoid using bleach or other hard chemicals

After years of use the actual awning fabric can be in need of some TLC as well and can be easily cleaned and made to look almost new again with some simple cleaning techniques.  The first thing to keep in mind when cleaning your awnings is safey first.  Never attempt to clean your awnings by climbing up or hanging from the supports, always clean your awning using a safe step ladder and make sure you have someone with you to ensure the ladder is safely planted and can help with handing over materials.  

Once you have ensured you can safely reach the awning fabric material be sure to use a mild soap solution (dish soap mixed with water works well) and use a soft bristly brush to clean the fabric thoroughly.  Be sure to scrub both the top and underside of the awning to ensure you are cleaning all parts of the fabric necessary.  After you have scrubbed the affected areas of fabric let the solution soak in for a few minutes and then simply rinse the fabric thoroughly with a garden hose until you have removed all the soap residue.  Once you have rinsed all the soap residue off the fabric simply leave them open and let the sun do the drying! Now your awnings should look almost as good as new.

If you have any questions about awnings or need some help selecting some new ones contact Right Choice, the highest quality Ft. Lauderdale Awnings provider and serving all of South Florida.

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